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A Letter of Thanks to Michael McMahon

Dear Michael McMahon Principal of Ray White Lutwyche,

The Committee of the Windsor Croquet Club wishes to thank Ray White Lutwyche very much for the wonderful, sparkling new silver Hot Water system, that already has been christened by our Mahjong Players.
Also, we thank you for the terrific job that your plumber has done in putting in down pipes on the clubhouse and the shelter sheds. Besides making the buildings look tidier, it will also assist with drainage and lessening any water damage.
Thank you and your staff very much.
We look forward to meeting with you regarding the long term arrangements at a time that suits you.
The Committee understands that you are moving on getting 3 signs prepared for installation behind the 3 sheds facing Blackmore Street. As discussed with Deanna it will be necessary for your carpenter to fix some backing sheets to give an even base for your signs. Also, it is worth noting that the sheds are of irregular design and sizes!
To say the club is delighted with what you have achieved for us so far is an understatement!

Thank you, Nigel.