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Protecting Your Investment Property

Ray White Lutwyche understands that your investment property is a very important asset and as an owner maximising the rental return and maintaining the property are your key objectives.

Our maintenance contractors and therefore the people working on our client’s properties are highly professional operators. Most importantly, because our relationships with them tend to be long-term and competitive we are able to pass the quality and cost savings onto property owners.

Maximising exposure to potential tenants is vital and so is being close to the properties that we are responsible for. Providing a professional street-front office, close to the properties that we manage enables an awareness of local activities and news – often before property owners.

Your property can be exposed to people walking from public transport, the car-park or another apartment building to work or university. By presenting opportunities to them in a non-invasive way they can take the time to think about a change of address at a time when they can really see the benefits.

As well as prospective tenants being able to drop in and speak with a Ray White representative, we can also quickly get to properties should the need arise. Tenancy inspections and meetings in relation to your property can be organised for a time that is suitable to you.

Providing a web-based rental search facility means that properties for rent can be put out to the market quickly and prospective tenants are able to sort them out in terms of desirability. Importantly, our rental search facility enables the properties under management to be exposed to interstate and overseas individuals planning on moving here in the future.

We find that being able to search and find out about possible rentals is a great benefit to prospective tenants who are then able to call us and make a time to inspect the property quickly.

Please call Kirsten Valery on (07) 3357 4888 or email  to discuss your property management needs today.

Our System

With hundreds of offices Australia-wide, the Ray White organisation provides a range of specialist systems designed to provide the best service to clients. Access to these systems via our own office technology allows us to offer an approach that combines personal service and reliable procedures. These systems and procedures can be broken down into specific areas.

Starting with a formalised induction process and the knowledge that comes from attaining a real estate licence our property managers receive guidance from mentors at all times. The Ray White group and our own offices provide a range of continuous facilities to keep our team at the forefront of their industry. These include online industry updates and Ray White interactive training facilities, face to face instruction and specialty courses and seminars. Details of changes to legislation and policies are also provided in a timely manner.

Using proprietary Ray White systems all of our team follow strict property management guidelines to provide a traceable, measurable service which minimises risk exposure. We find that the key to reducing our owner’s risk in relation to tenant management involves the use of extensive formalised policies combined with personalised attention to detail. In-house systems have been developed to enhance the Ray White procedures reducing gaps and allow us to comprehensively train and educate staff.